Enabling a New Energy Era

Radically Innovative HOLOS Approach


HolosGen has developed mobile scalable integral nuclear generators with a simplified and innovative design optimized to produce economical, distributable, pollutant-free and, most importantly, safe electricity.


Key HOLOS Features


Holos enhanced safety is inherently achieved by a highly simplified and integrated design with redundant and diverse safety features. Decay heat removal is passively executed by heat exchange with environmental air. A bottoming Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is thermally coupled with the fuel and continues to convert decay thermal energy into electricity during shutdown. Fuel cartridges temperature remains below safety margins under normal, off-normal, operational and design basis threat scenarios.


Holos generators can be transported to the deployment site fully operational and clustered to address a wide range of power ratings without dependency on fuel supplies (fossil and renewable). The distributable generators can be coupled to renewable energy sources (e.g. wind, solar) and operated with duty cycles that compensate for the intermittent power production typical of these technologies. Holos high-resolution load following features make the design ideally synergetic with renewable energy systems.


Power ratings can be scaled from a minimum of 3 MWe to a maximum of 13 MWe for Holos Quad generators fully operational and comprised within a single transport container. A scaled-up version of the design (Holos Quad Titan configuration) can provide up to 81 MWe and is formed by coupling multiple independent transport containers. Fully operational 3-5 MWe generators can be airlifted for rapid deployment to support emergency responders in disaster and remote areas by supplying electricity and process heat.


Holos generators are formed by subcritical power modules loaded with replaceable fuel cartridges. All components forming the generator comply with licensed nuclear fuel transport and storage casks requirements for temporary and long-term storage (above or below ground). After operation, fuel cartridges coupled to the bottoming organic Rankine cycle, continue to produce electricity. Decommissioning activities are limited to the sealed fuel cartridges and power systems with drastically reduced costs.

HOLOS™ employs reliable commercial components that have been used in the aviation, automotive, renewable energy and waste heat recovery industries to produce safe and competitive electricity.

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